Hunger's Brides
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Teatro - the theatre

Napantla Theatre

Theatre and music in the 17th century

At left is a shot taken from an amphitheatre on the grounds of Sor Juana's museum at her birthplace in Nepantla.

In her time, the Viceroy and Vicereine were frequent visitors to Sor Juana's cloister, where they came to be entertained with readings and performances of theatre and music. Seventeenth-century convents in Mexico, at least the more lenient ones, served also as finishing schools for girls. Skits and plays would have been useful in courses of Spanish language, for example. But in the classes of Sor Juana, one of the foremost dramatists of the age, art and ideas would likely not have taken a back seat to elocution...

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This is the main location for both our multimedia clips and background on theatrical performances based on Hunger's Brides.

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o-Serpent Digital video clips developed for use by the author at public readings.

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o-Serpent Multimedia clip based on a sonnet by Sor Juana

The sonnet "Este que ves, engaño colorido..." interpreted by the celebrated Mexican actress (and celebrated friend) Zaide Silvia Gutiérrez.

o-Serpent TV interview with the author.

Excerpts of the author and Random House Canada Publisher Anne Collins in conversation with Carolyn Weaver, host of Fine Print: Where books can take you. Fine Print can be seen on Book Television, Canadian Learning Television, Rogers Television, and The Biography Channel.

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o-Serpent Staged readings on the theme of music in the novel Hunger's Brides

Caracol, the voices of Hunger's Brides

An evening of multimedia and readings based on the theme of music, inspired by Sor Juana's lost musical treatise, Caracol. Excerpts from the script. Performed as a one-off at the Banff-Calgary International Writers Festival.

o-Serpent Lectern theatre — theatrical adaptation and tour of Hunger's Brides

More on the One Yellow Rabbit tour to Mexico with an adaptation of Hunger's Brides.

Preface to the manuscript as "lectern theatre," by the authors Blake Brooker and Paul Anderson.

An old clip of handheld palmcorder footage (the audio reverbs like crazy to boot) of One Yellow Rabbit's Denise Clarke, Michael Green and Elizabeth Stepkowski performing a scene of lectern theatre in Sor Juana's convent, now a Mexico City university bearing her name.

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