Hunger's Brides
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On a frigid winter's night, a man escapes from an apartment in which a young woman lies bleeding. In his hands he clutches a box he has found there. He is Donald Gregory, a once-respected college professor and serial adulterer whose last affair has left his career in ruins. She is Beulah Limosneros, one of his students and for a brief time his lover. She had disappeared into Mexico two years earlier, following her obsession with Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz. Raised by descendants of the Aztecs, she entered a convent at age nineteen, and became the greatest poet of her time, only to die of plague in 1695.

A police investigation closes in around Gregory; fearful of incriminating evidence Beulah may have against him, he sorts through the box's contents: translated poems of Sor Juana, a journal of travels in the Yucatan, research notes on the Spanish conquest of the Americas and the Inquisition, diary entries concerning him, and a strange manuscript written mostly in the mesmerizing voice of one of the 17th century's greatest poets, and the greatest woman writer since Sappho.


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