Hunger's Brides
Page Updated On: 04/16/2013

The Store Room (Canada)

HB Cover

To get the 2005 trade paperback edition...

Slated for release on 8 September, it should be available at your local. And online at:

McNally-Robinson Chapters/Indigo

If you're thinking about buying yourself a copy, you may want to read the book description here, or hear from the critics on our reviews page. You may even want to read the first bad review the novel has received in the U.S.

To get the 2004 hardcover edition...

The book became a national bestseller in its first week, and spent most of its first twenty weeks on local bestseller lists. Because the hardcovers were priced at a loss, only five thousand copies were printed. There are copies out there, but they take a bit of effort to source.

In Calgary: try Pages on Kensington. It's the author's local. A tiny location but with a swift, relentless special order desk. Their reading series goes back years.

Or try McNally Robinson who have kindly supported the book since the first week of its appearance.

The Calgary Public Library has 30 copies of Hunger's Brides in its holdings and, as of 25 October, ninety patrons on a waiting list.

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