Hunger's Brides
Page Updated On: 07/23/2005

Mesoamerica and the Spanish Conquest


Scholars have written on various aspects of Sor Juana's work that are informed by the prehispanic past and by the exploration and conquest of the New World. She wrote verses in Nahuatl, for instance, the language spoken by the Aztecs. She also employed Native American characters in the theological prologues to her sacred plays.

Where Hunger's Brides departs from the preponderance of scholarship is in placing these themes at the very heart of her life and work. 

Generally speaking, one or more of the following excerpts may provide some interest to scholars or students investigating European representations of the Conquest and New World - or the converse, views of Europe in the New World. Sor Juana is of particular importance here, in being, arguably, the only 17th-century artist of the first rank writing from a New World perspective.

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