Hunger's Brides
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Convents and visual art

As in this photo taken from a convent museum in Querétaro, Mexico's ex-convents today often double as portrait galleries of paintings from the colonial period. The author seemed not to have a clue about whether there were galleries in Mexico's 17th-century convents. But he did offer, half-apologetically, that the first Vice-Queen whom Juana served at the palace had herself been a handmaiden at the court of Philip IV. The Spanish king had accumulated over 4000 paintings, the largest and probably the finest collection in Europe.

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o-Serpent The Claustro, Sor Juana's convent. 

SJ Claustro

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o-Serpent The newly renovated hacienda of Sor Juana's childhood in Panoáyan.


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Click on the link for a text excerpt set here, at her hacienda, in the year 1653. 

o-Serpent Safe reading positions — a photo-guide

A photo essay on safe and responsible reading positions for the 1375-page hardcopy version of Hunger's Brides. Endorsed by the Albanian Greco-Roman Wrestling Federation, Eye Doctors Without Borders, and the family of the late Paul Anderson, legendary strongman.

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o-Serpent Images from the grounds of the Sor Juana museum in her birthplace of San Miguel de Nepantla.

o-Serpent Images from alternative theatre ensemble One Yellow Rabbit performing Hunger's Brides at the convent of Sor Juana, el Claustro in 1996.

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