Hunger's Brides
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el Coro - the choir

Grupo Sor Juana

Sor Juana and music

Sor Juana, with her extensive knowledge of musical theory, would have given classes in music to the novices and young girls whose education was entrusted to the convent. What has only recently emerged, however, is that Sor Juana may have been one of the great musical theorists of her time.

On this page

This is to be the principal location for our music and audio files, including some brief samplers from present-day Mexican musicians and composers performing either contemporary or traditional Mexican compositions.

Pinecone Voces de Sor Juana / Voices of Sor Juana (pictured above)

This is a choral group interviewed by the author and Richard McDowell on the lawn behind the CNA, the Mexican National Arts Centre.

Here are a few video clips from the interview that day.

Pinecone Ofelia Medina

More on Ofelia Medina.

Pinecone Ars Nova

Pinecone Guillermo Diego and Musicante

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