Hunger's Brides
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Teatro en Atril - "lectern theatre"

Teatro en atril

The Atril Tour

In 1996, the avant-garde theatre ensemble One Yellow Rabbit took excerpts from the manuscript of the unfinished novel, shaped them into a performance piece, and toured it to the Guadalajara International Book Fair and to Mexico City, where it was performed in the chapel theatre at the Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz. With one stop in the U.S., the tour concluded in Calgary, where the work was presented as part of the One Yellow Rabbit's annual High Performance Rodeo.

From the reviewers

'Company Puts Poetry in Motion:'

"What begins as a staged reading ends up as a spare, but dramatic performance … a meditation on power, sex and genius spanning three centuries and two cultures."

The Globe and Mail, January 14, 1997.

'Canadian Works Transport Rodeo Viewers:'

'…poetic, descriptive prose … compelling presentation filled with colour and character.'

The Calgary Herald, January 11, 1997.

"…the language is beautiful, gorgeous, lush, delicious … the rhythms strong,
the evocation of Mexico powerful, the ideas intelligent and compelling."

Kathleen Flaherty, Producer, Radio Drama and Features, CBC Vancouver, (letter) September 25, 1997.

For further information on One Yellow Rabbit, click here, or on the Hunger's Brides performance piece, click here.

For an introduction to the print version of the script, written by Blake Brooker and Paul Anderson.

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