Hunger's Brides
Page Updated On: 06/29/2007

Guides for Reading Groups, Book Clubs, Academic Study

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A sample academic study guide has been produced, and will be posted here once we get the required academic releases. Available now, though, is a newly developed three-part discussion guide for reading groups and book clubs.

Discussing Hunger's Brides

Some background links:

A three-part guide: reader, moderator, author

The guide consists of three sets of questions and responses:

  1. general questions for reader discussions
  2. response items and additional questions for the moderator
  3. additional commentary by the author

Reader questions

A set of general discussion questions can be found here. There are nineteen in all; we hope each reader will find three or four to catch his or her interest.

Moderator responses: jumpstarting the discussion

To make running the session as easy as possible, we’ve supplied partial (so as not to undermine the actual discussion) responses to the questions asked, here; moderators can use them to get the ball rolling or nudge things along.

To maintain their own interest, moderators might consider asking one group member to read aloud the readers’ questions, and ask another to come prepared to present the author commentary (without the moderator having seen it him- or herself). Moderators can then focus on their own discussion points.

Author commentary

For added interest, the author has produced some commentary here relating to each question. We have taken some care to avoid furnishing “answers,” however, so as not to interfere with the group’s own discussion.

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